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Neon Voice Assistant Technology is easy to use conversational AI, which can answer your questions. 

Our revolutionary artificial intelligence technology extends to any form of conversation: audio, text and video. We enjoy being part of the AI revolution. As pioneers, we are helping lead the way to a brighter, and easier, tomorrow. We offer our products free of charge for non-commercial use (under 1000 users). What are you waiting for? See tomorrow today.


Getting Started Table of Contents:

  1. Neon AI for Android Phones
      The Neon AI Communicator is the first mobile phone app to combine a “conversational assistant” and “audio chat”.
  2. Neon Nano for Website Designers
      The Neon AI Nano HTML enables website designers to quickly and easily add conversational AI to any page. 
  3. Neon AI PCs for Homes / Hobbyists
      The NeonX Touchscreen Neon AI Enabled Ubuntu Laptop PC made its debut at CES 2019. 
  4. Neon AI for Education
      We are available to help your school or organization with our extensive conversational AI knowledge.
  5. Neon AI for Work / Corporations
      Partnering with Neon AI empowers you to make 21st century applications for Home and Work.
  6. Neon AI for Advanced Social Media
      Leverage public and private parallel chats with the Neon AI Conversational Assistant using our advanced social media applications.
  7. Neon AI for Programmers
      Our Neon AI SDK Provides a full stack of programming technology for developers.
  8. Neon AI Skills List
      See a list of our Neon AI skills. Check back often for updates!
  9. Neon AI Skill Examples
      Want to see what Neon AI can do for you?


Advanced speech and voice processing with Conversational Processing Intelligence. 

With Neon AI you can add serious Conversational AI to your website in one line of HTML (or PHP).

GitHub availability of the Neon AI Software Development Kit (SDK) enables corporate, educational and home speech and voice applications.

New NeonX and NeonU devices demoed at CES 2019.

Neongecko launched a first-of-kind polylingual conversational AI website, This technology is available for use as a full featured, AI enhanced chat. It can also be used as our compact, but robust chat interface, Neon Nano.

Neon AI™ can be the center of your custom conversational AI solutions. 

We can help with your conversational AI systems development. Open source voice platforms are important because they provide for community, transparency and privacy.

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