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Call me Neon. I enable new advanced conversational AI hardware and software for home and business. I am a conversational artificial intelligence assistant, augmented with code, and Conversation Processing Intelligence technology. I am equipped with many skills to make your life easier, and more fun! You will find a sample of my skills below.




About Skill used to provide information about Neon

tell me my license; tell me my skills

Alerts A skill to schedule alarms, timers, and reminders

set an alarm for 8 am; when is my next alarm; cancel my 8 am alarm; set a 5 minute timer; how much time is left; remind me to go home at 6; remind me to take out the trash every thursday at 7 pm; what are my reminders; cancel all (alarms/timers/reminders); go to sleep; quiet hours; stop; snooze; snooze for 1 minute; wake up; what did i miss; did i miss anything

Audio Record Record and playback short audio clips with Neon.

record audio; record audio for 30 seconds; record my daily prescriptions; record my daily prescriptions for 1 minute

AVmusic Provides the video/audio playback of any music or video request made by the user. No need to specify the location of the files or register any accounts. Just say what you would like to listen to and enjoy.

play some imagine dragons music on repeat; av play study music playlist; play a cookie baking tutorial video

CaffeineWiz Provides the caffeine content of various drinks on request. Multiple drinks in a row are possible.

tell me caffeine content of pepsi; how much caffeine is in starbucks blonde; tell me caffeine content of rocket chocolate

Communication Skill for the Common Message Skill framework.

call daniel; call 555-555-5555; send a text message to daniel that says hello; send a sip message to hi

Controls Have Neon help you change and control your user settings.

change my units to (metric/imperial); able listening confirmation; (enable/disable) clap commands; talk to me (faster/slower/normally); change my wakeword to "okay computer"; (enable/disable) (audio recording/transcriptions); change my location to (seattle); change clap commands to my (home/audio/default) set; show neon brain

Custom Conversations Create your own or use text script files shared by other users.

run my (script name) skill file; run my (script name) skill file at (tag name); update my scripts; mail me my (script name) script

Date Time Get Neon to speak the time, date, or day of the week of any city around the globe.

what time is it in paris; tell me the time in seattle

Device Control Center Primary core device skill responsible for handling multiple system commands.

change your dialog mode to (random/default); clear my user (profile/transcripts/likes/media/preferences/languages)"; (skip/require) wake words; (enable/disable) (blink/clap) commands; i want you to (exit/shutdown); show me the demo; check for updates

fallback-duck-duck-go Use of DuckDuckGo services asa fallback to answer questions.

who is george washington?; what is plasma?; who's madonna?


Unknown request fallback handler. Executes if every other step failed to answer the question.

fallback-wolfram-alpha General knowledge fallback handler based on [Wolfram Alpha]( services

what is 2 + 2; who won best picture in 2006; how far away is the moon; send me the source for that

I Like Brands Skill that lets Neon catch user’s preferences from the list of available brands.

i like neon; i don't like alpha

I Like Coupons Request the list of coupons, relevant to your current interests.

tell me my likes; read me my likes; tell me coupons for neon; tell me my coupons; mail me my coupons

IP Address Retrieve the [IP address](, also known as the "network address" of the Device and respond verbally to the user, and if the Device supports it, display the IP address.

what's your ip address?; tell me your ip address.; what is my public ip address?

Joke Let Neon tell you a joke or a small humorous saying.

make me laugh; tell me a joke; tell me a chuck norris joke; i want to hear a raunchy joke; how about a neutral joke

Launcher Skill used to launch programs in Ubuntu

launch chrome; avigate to

Messaging Handles mobile requests for phone calls, SMS, and emails.

call daniel; call 555-555-5555; send a text message to daniel that says hello; send an email to with the subject test email

Latest News Listen to the latest news report from your favorite broadcast

play the news; play the bbc news; tell me the news; what's the news?; restart news

openHAB Provides control of smart devices connected to an openHAB server running on the same network.

list my home control items; refresh my home control devices; turn on desk lamp; dim room light to 20 percent; toggle desk outlet; rename desk outlet to space heater

Personal Skill used for introduction between the user and Neon.

who are you; who made you; my name is...; my email address is...; my klat username is...; my password is...

Playback Control Common playback control system

play my summer playlist; play pandora; pause; resume; xt song; xt track; previous track; previous song

SIP skill

Add VOIP capabilities to Mycroft using Baresip ![](./voip.gif)

Speak Have Neon repeat and say what you want. say "hello"
Speed Test Skill used to test your internet speed run a speed test
Spelling Have Neon help you spell words.

spell "aardvark"; spell "aardvark"

Stock This skill provides stock values.

what is * trading at; what is the stock price for *

Stop Stop the actions of any skill that is in progress.

stop; silence; shut up; be quiet

Support Helper Provides an option to send current logs via email.

create a troubleshooting package

Synonyms This skill handles setting and calling synonym commands

make 'good morning' a synonym for what is the weather.

Translation This skill provides translation and switching TTS/STT languages functionality.

speak to me in * (and *); i prefer ...; my language is *; translate * to *; what are my language settings

USB-Cam Take pictures and videos.

take a picture; take a video; record for 30 seconds; show me my last picture

Volume Control microphone and speaker audio levels.

mute speakers; unmute speakers; set microphone to 70 percent; decrease volume; what is the volume

Weather Get current weather and forecast info.

what is the weather in los angeles; what is the forecast for friday

WiFi Setup Have Neon help you change and control your wifi settings.

start wifi setup; my network name is *; my password is *

Wiki Query [Wikipedia]( for answers to all your questions.

tell me about elon musk; tell me about beans; check wikipedia for beans; tell me about the pembroke welsh corgi; search for chocolate; "more information" (followup after an initial summary); "tell me more" (followup after an initial summary)

Query Negotiates the best answer to a question

how tall is abraham lincoln?; what is an aardwark?; why is the sky blue?

Klat Skill that acts as a connector to via the klat_api

(enable/disable) klat connection

Skills are limited to platform capabilities. Not all skills are available on Nano, Android, Klat and Neon U.

Updated: 10/5/2020


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