Neon Artificial Intelligence Technology 

Imagine what you can do with Neon AI state-of-the-art enabling technologies. 

Using the Neon SDK, software and hardware developers can quickly enable a broad range of Audible AI applications and devices with conversation processing and conversational AI. Full stack application developers can incorporate new AI skills that include real-time transcription, translation, conversations, device control, audible gestures (like claps) and much more from the Neon software development kit.

Add Conversation Processing, with the Neon AI Software Development Kit, to:

  • Corporate Applications
  • Devices
  • Servers
  • Websites
  • Home Appliances

The Neon AI Software Development Kit integrates advanced AI and Natural Language Understanding into a cohesive software engineering platform. Think Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana - with free open source software. Neon AI utilizes the following state-of-the-art technologies for a short learning curve and rapid deployment:

  • HTML5 Audio Video
  • WebRTC           
  • Node.js                    
  • Stun / Turn Servers
  • HTML5 STT           
  • GitHub                    
  • Deep Speech
  • Google & Amazon
  • Mimic TTS          
  • MySQL                     
  • OpenHab
  • Belkin & TPLink Controls
  • Ubuntu 18.04          
  • PyCharm & PhpStorm 
  • Python 3 & JS          

Neon AI Systems Architecture Diagram


Neon AI™ can be the center of your custom conversational AI solutions. 

We can help with your conversational AI systems development. Open source voice platforms are important because they provide for community, transparency and privacy.

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