Realize the potential of voice, and amplify your message with Neon AI. Our customized products with Conversation Processing Intelligence, and conversations by example™. While speech recording and output have been available since Edison’s invention of the phonograph in 1877, the technology for speech processing was not possible until the digital electronics revolution. Advances in speech recognition have followed Moore’s Law (the density of integrated circuits doubles every two years), and Neon AI is a part of that.

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See what Neon AI can do for Voice:

  • Speech to Text (STT/TTS) - Neon AI STT and TTS services are equipped with transcription services like Mozilla Deep Speech to support your your needs.
  • Control - Use voice and gestures to control your environment.
  • Translation - Speak to foreign language users in real time with Neon AI instant translation services and custom foreign languages. 
  • Our services are available on premises, on cloud, and on device.

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Neon AI™ can be the center of your custom conversational AI solutions. 

We can help with your conversational AI systems development. Open source voice platforms are important because they provide for community, transparency and privacy.

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